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Want To Buy A Business?

If you have considered owning your own business, buying an existing business has many advantages over a business start-up. The existing business can provide:

  • Actual operating results rather than projected results.
  • Immediate cash flow from the ongoing business activities. Most start-ups take three or more years to mature to a point of producing steady cash flows.
  • Trained employees in place. Finding qualified, dependable employees can take years to find.
  • Established suppliers. Finding quality, dependable Suppliers can take years of trial and error before a business owner settles on getting exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and at the price he wants it.
  • Established customers and referral business. Most businesses establish themselves through word of mouth testimonials from customers and clients. In retail, for example, 24-36 months is required for customers to become aware of a business and its products to the point where the customer is ready or willing to try the product.
  • Existing licenses and permits.
  • Training in operating the business. The buyer can take advantage of years, decades, and sometimes even generations of experience from the current business owner. This training is invaluable; if it is available on the market through a consultant, the advice is expensive.
  • Financing you need to buy the business, thus showing the buyer that the seller has confidence in the future of the business.


Unlike the sale of real estate or franchises, the sale of an on-going business is very confidential for both the seller and the prospective buyer. All inquiries are held in strict confidence. Meetings and information shared or observed are to be held in strict confidence. To ensure confidentiality for all parties, Sunbelt MidSouth requires all potential buyers to be interviewed and qualified by a broker, sign a confidentiality agreement, and complete a buyer profile. In return for granting you, the prospective buyer, access to investigate the operations of the seller's business and otherwise private information, the prospective buyer contractually promises to use the information for the sole purpose of evaluating the benefits and risks of purchasing the seller's business in strict confidence.


Sunbelt MidSouth can skillfully negotiate financing and formulate a financial plan that works for you. 90% of business purchases are financed at least partially by the current owners, demonstrating their confidence in the continued success of their business. In addition, when commercial lenders are required, Sunbelt MidSouth has a network of lenders that it can access on your behalf. Sunbelt MidSouth knows how to make financing terms work in your favor, quickly and easily.

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