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Selling Your Business

Selling your business is a life changing event. Many times the profit afforded by the sale of a business may offer many new paths for an entrepreneur to follow.

Every business has a value. This value is established by examining financial data as well as its history, location, and niche. Sunbelt MidSouth's mission to correctly value the current status of a business, confidentially market it both locally and nationally, and identify qualified buyers. Sunbelt MidSouth's valuation process can be handled in house or taken to task by an independent valuation firm.

Putting a fair market price on the hard work that you have put forward in building your organization is the most crucial step in the sale of a business. Experience has shown that a properly valued business will expedite the sale.

After setting the market price it is time for the team of Brokers at Sunbelt MidSouth to confidentially market your organization to potential buyers. Sunbelt MidSouth has a network of buyers who are looking for certain types of businesses. In addition to this network of buyers, Sunbelt MidSouth may, after consultation with the owners of the business, choose market the business using various forms of media to confidentially advertise the business as being for sale.

During the marketing process many potential buyers will contact the offices of Sunbelt MidSouth directly. Preceding any discussion regarding the sale of a business, potential buyers are always personally interviewed, qualified, and required to complete and sign a confidentiality agreement. The confidentiality agreement legally binds the potential buyer from disclosing any materials discussed during a consultation with a broker.

After buyers have been identified and terms of purchase are agreed upon, Sunbelt MidSouth's duties change from negotiation to preparation for the ultimate transition of ownership. Sunbelt MidSouth manages this transition process, a process that involves attorneys, property owners, lending institutions, local and federal government agencies, and many other parties.

At the end of the day are number one goal is to make the seller happy with the terms of the sale and to put the buyer into a position for success.


Selling Your Business
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